allright you got me!
So I noticed halfway through work that I had bitten up all the pencils in the office. Sorry about that.

Guess I'm lucky though. It's just that and little itches on my face. For the record I'm pretty sure my itching is nothing like a bunny pawing at its face. Hands just aren't as cute as paws.

I really hope today doesn't turn into a massive run to the maternity ward in nine months.

later you crazy bunnies,
Di Di

Well then
You're so sunny today, City.
I thought fortune cookies where supposed to make you smile, not bring shit crashing down on your head. It's like you want us to be emo kids.

Whatever. How about an ice cream curse next?

Di Di

Baby- say wha?
This place again? Where's the guy from before? Alester? Can I stay with you?

Wow, high school.
It was exactly like my life at home but with different people.
Fun times, though it's not like I'll ever miss my real high school years. This place puts me life right back where I left it every time I go home.

Ah, um, thanks Alester, for looking after me when I was little. Can we like, forget about what I said though? That would be awesome.
The thanks and just not talking about it go out to anyone else that saw me too, but hey, you may have already forgotten, right? Perfect!

okay, great.
Lats City,
Di Di

(OOC, I'm so sorry for being busy recently! If you want to say your person saw Di Di she didn't much stand out except for the fact she was new. I'm so sad i missed it! anyway, on with life. AWESOME fun with lil!Di Di. anyone that talked to her please feel MOST free to poke her about it. It might be the only time she's going to be that willingly social again >.> )

Baby- say wha?
[you can see a young girl in the video. She's looking intently at the device recording her, but it seems she isn't aware that it is broad casting to the network.)

What am I supposed to do with this? I don't get it!

[You can hear the sound of a buttons being pressed and the screen goes off and on a few times, when it's back on she shakes it a few times as well.]

well that made the light blink! I want mama. I guess I wondered too far this time...

[sad face. She then looks around from the device, the screen showing more of where she is. It seems that she's sitting at Cafe Juliet, at one of the outside tables. ]

I can't see the safe place either. You're my only clue, flashy things. Hope Cael doesn't pull my hair when I find them.

(OOC, this can be network or someone can find her. I'm not up for a log but if you want a bit of action posting I'm cool with that! Please just say what. Fun times X3
Edit: Can someone take care of her? She'll be this way all weekend. )

Jail bait
Well then
Okay guys. about yesterday? I really hope you'll understand there is no way that I'd be with Dean.
I'm not legal and I'm pretty sure he's not into jail bait.
So lets all just forget yesterday happened. cool?
Great! Glad everyone agrees.
Di Di

Hell has no fury like...
really now
So, Dean says I have nothing to post about? Fuck that shit.

If all of you haven't noticed already, Dean is a ghost. A real fucking ghost that you can walk right on though.Yet he still gets to texting. I swear I have heard every single tired line about how horrible it is. Yes Dean, you're a ghost, how terrible for you.

Maybe if you stopped BITCHING about it for two seconds we could maybe talk about something OTHER then you? Just because you get to be free of the curses doesn't mean I do. A lot of shit has been going down but where are you when I need you? I have no idea. The only time you want to talk or see me is when you feel like it.

Oh god, I'm so hard on ghost boy, right? Fuck that shit.
I'm tired of hearing about HIS life and HIS problems. The ass doesn't even know my last name.
So yeah, what if I'm pissed?! You're an ass Dean, so fuck off.

[crashing sound and then a loud yell, followed by running and then the sound of water]

stupid GOD DAMN chemicals!!

[water is on for a few more minutes, then voice coming closer]

Who the FUCK miss labels so many chemicals?! First my shoes, THEN I almost burn my hand?!
I swear.. Oh SHIT!

[Sound of running and then another crash before fumbling and the voice is turned off/text about 30 minutes later]

I hate today. I'm okay, really, but will someone walk me home? There is no way I am walking alone on the 13th. Not after all this.


Jimmy, can you come over and look at my burn, please? Thanks.


Hey anyone want to go out tonight?
less than 4 ago from Network

I should be used to the city by now, but sometimes you see something and you just can't help but stare.
about 1 ago from Network

More lab work today. To bad you can't know what that is!
about 4 ago from Network

Well then
Hey, I'm back.

You know City, you could have at lest given me more then a day with my family, you know?

So How long was a gone? Looks like a while, but I was never good at keeping up with dates here.

Big bro Hanna? You alive?

Sam, I hope your still here. I told my Sammy about you and he liked hearing about what a hero you are. Though, I just told him you were from a book I was read. Didn't want to freak him out.

Sorry about days off, boss. I'll make sure to catch up with the other lab rats, if you're still into hiring me back that is. Anything I should hear directly from you though?

Hah, City. you just suck sometimes, you know? Whatever. Back to the crazy house.

~Di Di


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